M3 TR9 - Spread spectrum


SATEL radio module family expands. The latest addition is SATELLINE-M3-TR9, a Freewave and Intuicom compatible frequency hopping transceiver module. Our modules now cover all the following frequency bands: 403…473, 868…870, 865…867 and 902–928 MHz.

The newest addition is SATELLINE-M3-TR9, a frequency hopping transceiver module that is easy to integrate into a host device. It uses licence free band 902–928 MHz. The radio module is approved and ready to use in Canada and the USA. SATELLINE-M3-TR9 complements the existing product portfolio, which includes for example SATELLINE-M3-TR8 and SATELLINE-M3-TR4. SATELLINE-M3-TR8 is a UHF data transceiver module for the pan-European (868…870 MHz) or Indian (865…867 MHz) licence free channels. SATELLINE-M3-TR4 is a UHF data transceiver module with the frequency range 403…473 MHz.

Integration guide

Frequency range   902 … 928 MHz

Spreading method  Frequency hopping

Hopping bands  7, user selectable

Hopping patterns  15 per band, 105 total, user selectable

Hopping channels  50–112, user selectable

Sensitivity/Carrier power  -109 dBm/  1 W

Interface  CMOS-UART

Data speed  Radio / Serial 115200 bps

Vibration tolerance 25 g, up to 2 kHz sinusoidal

Operating voltage +3.5 … 5.5 Vdc 

Power consumption 300 mW (RX) / 3.2 W (TX 1 W)

Size/Weight 57 x 36 x 6.7 mm / 20 g

Connectors 1.27 mm pitch socket / U.FL

MPORTANT! Please remember that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the chosen radio frequency is clear and available for use, and that any required fees are paid and correct licences obtained.  Xl Systems Ltd. accepts no responsibility or liability for system failure or legal procedings either due to radio interference from a third party, or failure to comply to logal regulations.SATELLINE_EASyandEASy869WEB.pdf§

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