LP 868

• Licence free 869 MHz 

• Designed to be used in Europe 

• For short- or middle-range applications of up to 20 kilometres

• Easy, software-free configuration

• Up to 32 I/O modules can be attached to a single radio module via T-BUS

• FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)*

• Mesh networks of up to 99 devices

• Satel order code: YM0408

 SATEL-LP User Manual

 Datasheet ( en )

 Package slip ( en )

Technical specifications

Frequency range

869.4...869.65 MHz

Sensitivity/Carrier power

-122 dBm / 500 mW


T-BUS ( for extension units) RS-232, RS-485

Data speed

Radio 120kbps / RS 115,2kbps

Operating voltage

+19,2 ... +30,5 Vdc

Power consumption

≤ 65 mA (@ 24 V DC, @ 25°C, stand-alone)


WxHxD 17.5 mmx 99 mm x 114.5 mm / 190 g


RSMA(n) / screw connections (incl. DIN rail connector)

Please note:

The use of products described in the SATEL-LP range is oriented exclusively to qualified electricians or persons instructed by them, who are familiar with applicable standards and other regulations regarding electrical engineering and, in particular, the relevant safety concepts.

The devices are intended for application in industrial environments.The SATEL-LP wireless system is Class A equipment and may cause radio interference in residential areas. In this case, the operator may be required to implement appropriate measures and to pay the costs incurred as a result. Operation of the wireless system is only permitted if accessories available from Satel are used. The use of any other components may lead to withdrawal of the operating license. You can find the approved accessories for this wireless system listed with the item at

Please note that, in combination with antennas, the maximum permissible transmission power may be exceeded. In this case, set the transmission power via the software.

For the latest country registrations, please visit The devices comply with R&TTE device class 2, with the following restrictions on use according

Please read the manual carefully before purchase where you will find further reference to required regulations and installation notes.  XL Systems will not be held accountable for any resulting action caused by failure to take these notes into consideration.

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