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The new SATEL-LP product family offers an easy solution for simple I/O and serial communications. With software-free radio setup, SATEL-LP is a cost-effective wireless solution where it is too costly or impossible to run a cable. All SATEL-LP modules are DIN rail mountable. The over the air interface has a 128-bit AES encryption and authentication.

The system consists of data transfer and expansion modules. The data transceiver modules are used for serial data transfer and expansion modules for I/O signals. I/O signals can also be connected directly to Modbus protocol devices with transceiver modules through RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.

With SATEL-LP system it is easy and simple to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or large mesh networks up to 250 nodes. The comissioning can be done without any programming via the thumb wheel – a wireless connection is established automatically. Through AES encryption, frequency hopping spread spectrum, and coexistence management the system reliability is extremely high and data transfer is secured 24/7.

Wireless communication is based on Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology. The requirement for a high-quality interference-free data transmission is fulfilled by using, for example, the frequency hopping method (FHSS) and 128-bit data encryption (AES). The SATEL-LP wireless system uses the license-free 2.4 GHz ISM band.

In addition to an RS-232 and RS-485 2-wire interface, the SATEL-LP24 wireless module supports the option of directly connecting up to 32 I/O extension modules in the station structure via the DIN rail connector. Addressing of the wireless module and I/O mapping of the extension modules is carried out quickly and easily by means of the thumbwheel on the front. You can use the yellow thumbwheel on the wireless module in order to set the RAD ID, and the white thumbwheel on the extension modules to set the I/O-MAP address. Programming knowledge is not required. You can easily start up the wireless network without the need for software.

The SATEL-LP-CONF configuration and diagnostics software for special functions and diagnostics options in the wireless module is available free of charge.


– Flexible network applications: I/O data, serial data, PLC/Modbus RTU mode

– Adjustable data rates for the wireless interface

– Easy point-to-point or network structures (star, mesh)

– Yellow thumbwheel for the unique addressing of wireless modules in the wireless network

– Integrated RS-232 and RS-485 interface

– Can be extended with up to 32 I/O modules per station via DIN rail connector (hotswappable)

– 128-bit AES data encryption and authentication

– Unique network addressing via plug-in configuration memory (LP-CONF) for secure,parallel operation of multiple networks with different RF bands

– Data rates and ranges can be configured using the SATEL-LP-CONF software

– International approvals

– Installation in Ex zone 2



Brief Overview

Please note:

The use of products described in the SATEL-LP range is oriented exclusively to qualified electricians or persons instructed by them, who are familiar with applicable standards and other regulations regarding electrical engineering and, in particular, the relevant safety concepts.

The devices are intended for application in industrial environments.The SATEL-LP wireless system is Class A equipment and may cause radio interference in residential areas. In this case, the operator may be required to implement appropriate measures and to pay the costs incurred as a result. Operation of the wireless system is only permitted if accessories available from Satel are used. The use of any other components may lead to withdrawal of the operating license. You can find the approved accessories for this wireless system listed with the item at www.satel.com.

Please note that, in combination with antennas, the maximum permissible transmission power may be exceeded. In this case, set the transmission power via the software.

For the latest country registrations, please visit www.satel.com. The devices comply with R&TTE device class 2, with the following restrictions on use according

Please read the manual carefully before purchase where you will find further reference to required regulations and installation notes.  XL Systems will not be held accountable for any resulting action caused by failure to take these notes into consideration.

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