XL Systems Ltd and the WEEE Regulations

XL Systems Ltd has an obligation under the WEEE regulations both as a producer of electrical products. We  provide the following guidance for these regulations.  We aim to keep this information up to date, but would refer you to the


for the definitive guidelines


The term ‘WEEE’ defined

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Full details of the WEEE regulations can be obtained from the DTI web site.

The term ‘Producer’ defined

You are defined as a ‘Producer’ if the products you supply fall in to any of the following categories –

  • You import (from the Far East or Europe) products for sale in the UK
  • Manufacture products in the UK for sale in the UK
  • Re-brand existing products and sell them in the UK
  • The ethos of this legislation is -

the Producer pays.

Producers are required to join a compliance scheme and will be allocated a Producer Compliance Registration Number by the DTI.

WEEE in the UK will be classified as either Household or Business waste and will be managed in different ways.

Historic WEEE

The legislation came in to force on 15th March 2007 with take-back requirements starting 1st July 2007. All products placed on the market before 13th August 2005 is deemed to be ‘Historic WEEE’. The thick black line underneath the wheelie bin sticker denotes WEEE placed on to the market after 13th August 2005. Historic WEEE should display a date below the bin logo or will carry no sticker. Producer responsibility is different for Historic and newer WEEE only in relation to Business waste (B2B).

Business WEEE (B2B)

Producer Responsibility for Historic WEEE

Business customers must dispose of any WEEE themselves, where they are not replacing it with a like for like item, i.e an upgrade.

If the item is being replaced by a like for like item the replacing product Producer has the responsibility to collect and dispose of the old item.

Producer Responsibility for New WEEE

For WEEE placed on to the market after 13th august 2005.

The Producer of the waste item, XL Systems Ltd  is responsible in most cases for recovery and disposal.

Where goods bought from XL Systems Ltd are re-housed or re-badged by a customer or sold as an integral part of a  complete system that customer is then seen to be the producer and therefore responsibility for recycling passes away from XL Systems to the customer.

WEEE must not be exported, therefore goods installed outside the UK have the WEEE responsibility passed to the importer of that country, as they are deemed to be the producer.

Satel’s ROHS compliance document, where possible all other equipment is sourced is also ROHS compliant, however this is not guaranteed and should be checked on a case by case basis.

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