I am interesting in finding more about the Epic 3AS. It states a receiver sensitivity of -116 to -110 dBm. What causes this variation? Would you tell me what bit error rates these sensitivities correspond to and at what baud rate?”

The variation in receiver sensitivity specification relates to two main matters, channel spacing and FEC (Forward Error Correction).

If the channel spacing is tight (12,5 kHz) and Multilevel FEC is used in data transfer, the sensitivity is appr. -116 dBm.
If channel spacing is 25 kHz and we don't use FEC, we end up close to -110 dBm. FEC affects to sensitivity in the following way, when ch. spacing is 25 kHz:
* FEC Off --> -110 dBm
* FEC On --> -113 dBm

All sensitivities we announce in our broschures are referred to 10 exp-3 in BER.

Baud rates used in these definitions are either 9600 bps (with 12,5kHz) or 19200 bps (with 25 kHz) depending on the channel spacing


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