All units from the 2ASx and above have repeater functionality as standard, this can be accessed from the programming menu. If you have a modem without display you will need a PC to run a terminal emulation software - preferably the free SATERM software and a program cable.

You will probably need to set each modem up with an address. The modems have both a send and a receive address. The repeater will listen on one address and transmit on the other. Once the addressing has been set, all the modem needs is to be connected to power. Remember if the repeater is outside and you are not using the “”pro series you will need a housing

If you are designing a network with a repeater to a roving outstation and want to ensure that if the outstation comes within range of the original base station it does not get two messages (one from the base station and one from the repeater) use Saterm to set up a source mode network. This will utilize the modems overhop function.

Overhop means that the outstation detects that the message is from the base station rather than its usual repeater. It waits to see if it gets a duplicate message and if it does it discards the original, if not it passes the original one through


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