Pac Crest & Trimble Comaptible

Manual addition for PCC Compatibility (rev 2)

Check to see if yours comply by looking for the PF mark on  the silver label on the front of your unit.  This means that the radio modem is compatible with Pacific Crest (PCC) radio modem models RFM96W, PDL HPB and PDL LPB. ALL Satelline-EASy modems are compatible, and most 3AS units purchased from June 2010.

If you require PCC compatibility, please be sure you mention “PF” in your order.

Pacific Crest have been used mainly in land survey area, but with these new features SATEL can offer an alternative radio modem that will mesh seamlessly in to existing PCC networks.

Today SATEL have PCC compatible modulations such as 4-FSK (OPT 1) and GSMK (OPT 2) ready to ship, see programming options below

1. Satel3AS = Default mode i.e. the original SATELLINE-3AS data transfer mode.
2. Option 1 = Pacific Crest 4-FSK transparent mode/FEC ON/Scrambling ON
3. Option 2 = Pacific Crest GMSK transparent mode/FEC ON/Scrambling ON.
4. Option 3 = TrimSatel3AS: All radio modems of a system must have identical FEC setting (ON or OFF)

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