Min Band Width & Channel Spacing

This video talks about the subject from an American point of view, but the idea is the same and it is quite a good illustration of the subject


 From the Satel view point ..

A rule of thumb for the original question it self: radio communication system setups in same location, >3meters away from each other VERTICALLY. This way the antenna separation should be the required >55dB. Channel separation >150kHz, otherwise the nearby TX channels will effect to the BER. Please do find the TIL-0002 attached regarding this matter, using measurements made with a SATELLINE 3AS Epic @12,5kHz. The equivalent values for the SATELLINE EASy can be expected to be bit poorer due to the wide tuning range, the “rules of thumb” still apply.


Minimum SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) with the SATELLINE 3AS and SATELLINE EASy products(4FSK modulation), 15dB(absolute minimum, recommendation >20dB). For both products, SATELLINE 3AS and SATELLINE EASy, the deviation @25kHz is 6kHz and @12,5kHz 3,3kHz.


FAQ-0030_Channel spacing vs. channel width_V1.2_ENG.pdf

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