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Free Channel Scan (FCS) is designed for one-way transmission between one transmitter and one or more receivers when there are at least two different transmission frequencies available. The transmitter monitors the noise level of the channels between the transmissions and finds the best transmission channel. Software supports maximum of 16 channels. This feature is beneficial especially when license free channels are used and there could be other transmitters using the same channels.

For older SATELLINE 3AS and Epic radio modems without E2 marking , the Free Channel Scan function requires the loading of the special FCS Modem Software. Required software is Satelline_3AS_and_Epic_FCS_sw_0_93.sff or greater) to SATELLINE-3AS/(d) radio modem. Compared to the standard software of the SATELLINE-3AS/(d), this software does not have the Message Routing functions and repeater functionality is neither supported when FCS is activated.

For new SATELLINE 3AS and Epic radio modems with E2 marking, Software version 3.07 or greater is required. This adds support FCS, and no special software is needed. When FCS is activated Message Routing and repeater functionality cannot activated.

To make the usage easier there is a FCS terminal software program for persons with access to a PC. With this program it is easy to configure the modems to use the FCS function. The FCS Terminal Software reserves the data port of the radio modem so it is not possible to transmit user data at the same time.


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