Bit Error Rate Testing

Diagnostic Ping Function(rev 4)

Satel NMS PC User Manual

SATELLINE radio modems have been designed for asynchronous data and message transmissions. Not for a continuous bit stream. Therefore, BER is better to be tested also with data messages. Bit error rate can be then counted by checking out how many bit errors occurred per transmitted bits in the messages.

In most applications, message error rate describes better data communications quality than BER. That is why all of SATEL’s diagnostic tools are designed for message testing.

1. For transparent 3AS modems there is Saterm software where you can transmit messages over a radio modem link and monitor the received messages in the other end.

2. In 3AS modems operating in Message Routing mode, you may use SL+P=xxxx<CR> command to test two-way data transmission to a remote modem.

(See  Diagnostic Ping Function .pdf)

3. In a Satel NMS system, SATEL NMS PC software has the NMS ping function for two-way ping test to a remote modem. See page 27 of the  user guide. Satel NMS PC User Manuall_v2_2.pdf

4. SATELLAR modems (2DS and 2DSd) support the ping command of the Internet Protocol, to ping any IP addresses in a network.


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