ITU Designation CODES

The International Telecommunication Union uses an internationally agreed system for classifying radio frequency signals. Each type of radio emission is classified according to its bandwidth, method of modulation, nature of the modulating signal, and type of information transmitted on the carrier signal. It is based on characteristics of the signal, not on the transmitter used. See Wikipedia.

Note the last 2-digits are optional (hence often not quoted)

For EASy(d) and M3-TR1 using 25kHz ITU=15k4F1DDN, using 12.5kHz ITU=8k60F1DDN

For M3-TR4 digit 8 depends on the modulation:

With 4FSK (default) using 25kHz ITU=15k71DDN, using 12.5kHz ITU=7k50F1DDN

With 8FSK, or 16FSK using 25kHz ITU=15k7F1DEN, using 12.5kHz ITU=7k50F1DEN

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