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Download Software Now updated to include...1. New Action which can be defined by the user. - User can change the message of an Action dialogue to be for example: Error, Warning or any other text information. 2. Lost Connection feature - In case of a failure in transmission, the update time of the sub-station that had weak radio connection, took a long time. The new feature makes it possible to set how often and how many times a weak sub-station is updated. Lost Connection-time is valid until the connection is ok.

SATELLINK PC Pro Routing Program

SATELLINK PC Pro allows remote operation of systems that are connected to the I/O-ports of SATELLINK products. In Point-to-Multipoint operating mode you can set switch positions, collect pulse information, change parameter values and monitor the radio link, among other things.

Routing of the connections makes the system work as you like. Any of the SATELLINK I/O-converter sub-station Inputs can be routed automatically to any Output of the network. You can even route an Input to several outputs simultaneously.

The new updated version of SATELLINK PC Pro includes the following incredible features:

  • Compatibility with the SATEL I-LINK 100 , SATEL C-LINK 100 and MINI-LINK I/O-converters
  • Pulse counter for inputs and outputs
  • Time triggering for the I/O-functions
  • Event to create an action
  • User-selectable background image, such as a map, can be used
  • E-mail message handling

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