Satelline 4 PrO - Not for use in Europe

SATELLINE-4Pro is an IP67 (NEMA 6) classified UHF radio modem with a high power transmitter (35 W), high data speed (28.8 kbps), wide tuning range and selectable channel spacing. It is designed for easy mobile use in demanding field conditions. IP67 ensures it is waterproof and secured against dust.

With the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and a keypad the user can monitor the current operating status (frequency and channel number) and power level, voltage level and field strength.

For mobile field applications

SATELLINE-4Pro is particularly well suited for mobile field applications under varying weather conditions. Due to the high transmitting power, connection distances over 80 kilometers can optimally be covered. SATELLINE-4Pro uses Forward Error Correction (FEC); advance checking and correction of the data packets minimize the error rate.

In SATELLINE-4Pro network any substation can function as a repeater. In this store and forward operating mode, the radio modem receives a message, buffers the received data, and transmits it further to another substation using the same radio channel as in reception.

SATELLINE-4Pro is compatible with SATELLINE-EASy products and it complies with the following international standards: FCC CFR47 part 90 and RSS-119 Issue 12n but is not suitable for use within Europe.


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Tech Spec

Frequency range

406.180 … 470 MHz

Tuning range

63.8 Mhz

Channel spacing

12.5 / 25 kHz

Sensitivity/Carrier power

< -117 dBm / 35 W



Data speed

Radio 28800 bps / Serial 115200 bps

Operating voltage

+9 … +16 Vdc

Power consumption

RX 1.8 W / TX 120 W (@ 500 mW)


189 x 138 x 71 mm / 1420 g


8-pin ODU / TNC f / 4-pin ODU

IMPORTANT! Please remember that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the chosen radio frequency is clear and available for use, and that any required fees are paid and correct licences obtained.  Xl Systems Ltd. accepts no responsibility or liability for system failure or legal procedings either due to radio interference from a third party, or failure to comply to logal regulations.

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