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There are a number of SATELLINE modems to choose from to suit your wireless data transmission application -

A good, brief description of the modems from one of their engineer is.. “The SATELLINE radio modem is a transparent data transceiver, which automatically starts up the transmitter when there is incoming data to the serial interface and DTR is raised. When a three character break is detected in the message, the modem automatically switches itself to receiving mode, in some models this can be altered.”

Here is a an overview of the top selling modems to help you select the correct page or you can download a short form catalogue

Don’t forget to visit our OFCOM page and our frequencies and approvals information in conjunction with checking your local regulations as it is your responsibility to ensure that you are using permitted frequencies and power for your application

We have a General Information section, which includes some useful downloads of both modems and certificates as well as some set up help.

This is the basic group, further associated products can be found on the individual pages


UHF radio modem with wide tuning range and selectable channel spacing.

403..473, 330..420MHz or 869 MHz

RS-232, LVTTL, TTL, RS-422

1 W

Also availabile with IP with or without battery Compact Proof


P67 (NEMA 6) classified SATEL radio modem, with high  25 or 35 W output power and wide tuning range.

 35W (10,20,25 kHz) 

 25W version (5,10,20,25 kHz)

403 ... 473 MHz

RS-232 / 35 W


EASy Pro F


A licence free lightweight UHF radio modem for medium range applications.

868 ... 870 MHz


500 mW


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