World Rally Championships

SATEL Oy, sponsoring rally

07.02.2006 14:00

SATEL Oy sponsors Finnish rally driver Kosti Katajamäki. In 2005 he was able to reach one of his goals by winning the Finnish Rally Championship. In FRC Katajamäki drove Peugeot 206 WRC run by the Team Marcus Grönholm Rallying Finland. In 2005 Katajamäki continued also in the JWRC series with Suzuki Ignis. He finished the JWRC serie in position five.

Year 2006, finally WRC!

After three years in the JWRC series it was time to move ahead. For the season 2006 Marcus Grönholm signed a contract with Ford and arranged for his protégé five WRC rallies (Sweden, Italy, Greece, Finland and Turkey) for the 2006 season. Katajamäki is driving behind the wheel of a Ford Focus RS WRC04. In Sweden, on his first WRC event ever, he scored the sixth place knowing that it is still long way to go to achieve the speed of his Promoter - Marcus Grönholm, who won the event. This year is Katajamaki’s time to show his future in the rallying!

We wish all the best for him and his team!



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