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Our standard UK radio modems are configured for 25kHz channel separation, with a default frequency of 458.600MHz and an allowable range from 458.525 to 458.925MHz. For 869 information see bottom of page.  For OFCOM’s 2010 UK Frequencies and Applications chart click HERE

Spot frequencies at 458.825, 458.8375 and 458.900 MHz are reserved for fixed alarms, transportable and mobile alarms as well as vehicle paging alarms, and should not be used for other purposes.

The remaining channels may be used license exempt.

Outside of these frequencies or above 0.5w you will need to get a license from OFCOM

The Satel units are approved throughout the EU and many other countries, below are the certificates of the main ones, if you require other certificates, please let us know.  (If you need to order a unit for outside the UK, please let us know the destination so that we can ensure the units comply.)

For details of world wide frequency approvals please click HERE (.XLS format).  This document is  always being updated, so it is worth referring back to on  a regular basis.  (Remember it is your responsibility as installer to check the local regulations) We have some Non EU documentation HERE

EU Declaration of Conformity



3AS 869MHz



OFCOM Fees Calculator (as at Jan 09)

3AS RTTE documentation

UK Frequency list (25Khz channel separation)

  • 458.525
  • 458.550
  • 458.575
  • 458.600
  • 458.625
  • 458.650
  • 458.675
  • 458.700
  • 458.725
  • 458.750
  • 458.775
  • 458.800
  • 458.850
  • 458.875
  • 458.925



The other licence exempt option that you can consider is the 869 MHz range, this is covered by both the 1870 and the 3AS models - but please note:-

It is the recommendation ERC/REC 70-03 created by the radio communications committee of CEPT, which sets the technical requirements for the licence exempt use of short range devices on harmonised frequency bands around the Europe. CEPT members (spectrum authorities) have to either follow the recommendation in their frequency management or inform the CEPT radio communications committee about any restrictions. Those national restrictions are listed and attached to the ERC/REC 70-03 document.

License exempt 500 mW sub band


The sub band 869.400 - 869.650 MHz on the 869 MHz range is specified for

0.5 Werp (radiated power, in reference with a half wave dipole antenna, 0 dBd = 2.15 dBi). On this band, there are 10 x 25 kHz channels with centre frequencies











           869.6375 MHz.

           = acc. to formula ( 869.400 MHz + 25 kHz/2 ) + N x 25 kHz ; N=0...9

25 January 2013