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The Standard Satel radio modems that XL supply for use in the UK may legally be operated at up to 500 mw ERP without a licence. Please check with Ofcom to ensure that you are operating legally - the regulations have recently changed and so it is worth a double check. For the 2010 UK Frequency & allocations click here for world wide click here

Should you wish to use a gain antenna with the standard units the power must be modified, so that the output from the antenna remains 500 mw or less. An overall increase in range can still be obtained due to the increased receive sensitivity of the gain antenna.

The regulatory body controlling UK licensing is To speak to OFCOM (have coffee and chocolate to hand) and call 0300 1231000

To download a  licence application forms  for on site/ high power and wide area use form OFW434 for a suppliers licence application form use OFW432  CLICK HERE for links to all forms available

Fees calculator (as at Jan 09) This will open an excel spreadsheet with macros

Below is the licence exempt information from the OFCOM website relating to the UK standard 458MHz equipment it is taken from the short range devices information sheet

7b Industrial / Commercial Telemetry and Telecommand

For Industrial Telemetry & Telecommand apparatus, please see IR2030 Table 3.2 for further details of channels available, permitted maximum power and channel restrictions applicable.

The 458.5 to 458.95 MHz band is primarily intended for fixed industrial or commercial use, and cannot be used for general purposes. This band excludes the three spot frequencies (at 458.8250 MHz, 458.8375 MHz and 458.9000 MHz) that are available for fixed alarms, transportable and mobile alarms and vehicle paging alarms respectively; see IR2030.

The 458.5 to 458.95 MHz band may be used as either 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz channel spacing, where the channel centre frequency is 458.5 MHz + (channel spacing x channel number). For 12.5 kHz channel spacing, the channel numbers available are 1 to 25, 28 to 31 and 33 to 35; for 25 kHz channel spacing, the channel numbers available are 1 to 12, 14, 15 and 17.

International authority information visit