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SATEL have produced a range of OEM modules for the system builder to integrate into customer solutions.  They have the same reliability and functionality as the more usual 3AS and Epic but give more flexibility in mounting options and offer receive only or transmit only applications. Modules such as the SATELLINE M3 TR1 also offer PCC  and TrimTalk protocols if required.  Please note that RSSI is no longer available via pin only via SL commands.



The SATELLINE-M3 UHF TNC and SMA are small and lightweight radio modems designed for integration into  terminal equipment. The modem and transceiver are enclosed in a stainless steel housing. All the applicable radio, EMC and electrical safety requirements are met without any additional casing.

SATELLINE M3 TR1 Transceiver radio module with wide 70 MHz tuning range.

The SATELLINE M3 TR1is a transceiver designed to be mounted inside an instrumentation cabinet it is full compatible with the SATELLINE-3AS EASy and Epic radio modems  UHF and VHF versions are available as well as a selection of antenna connectors. The Configuration Tool   generates your part number based on your selected features you MUST generate this before ordering as there are many selectable options. 
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Board level, credit card size PCB receiver module.