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Selectable 403 - 473 MHz Tuning rage based on the 3AS EASy board

Selectable Channel Spacing

Choice of housings and connectors

SATELLINE-M3-TR1 radio transceiver module has been designed to operate on the wide 403...473 MHz frequency range, offering for use the whole 70 MHz tuning range. The M3-TR1 is a flexible product, enabling many user choices for its functioning and construction. It can be supplied without a housing as a small-size module or in an aluminum housing (see above for dimensions) . Customers can also specify the interface connector to be D15 female, 26-pin male strip or 26-pin female socket. The antenna connector can be TNC, SMA, MCX or MMCX. The applicable serial interfaces for M3-TR1 are RS-232, RS-422, LVTTL or TTL.

The available operating voltage has an effect on the choice of system components. This has been taken into account when designing SATELLINE-M3-TR1; this model has two operating voltage levels +3 ... +9 VDC and +6 ... +30 VDC. The level can be changed by replacing the PWR module.

To offer the user more flexibility, M3-TR1 is compatible with the widely used SATELLINE-3AS radio modem family and can also be included in systems based on other manufacturers protocols. All the channel spacings 12.5, 20 and 25 kHz are software-selectable and thanks to good receiver sensitivity, the output power of 1 W enables a long radio range.

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