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The SATEL I-LINK I/O-converter and pulse counter is used in conjunction with SATELLINE-1870 or 1870e  radio modems to create short-range wireless monitor and control networks.

This innovative combination enables two-way, point-to-point exchange of digital I/O (switch-position) information or, with the addition of the SATELLINK-PC software, allows both digital I/O and fast pulse counter data to be captured from multiple sources.

Wireless networks may be used in both permanent and temporary situations, in environments where cable installation would be impossible, impractical or prohibitively expensive.

A powerful partnership - SATELLINE-1870 or 1870e and i-LINK

The SATELLINE-1870 is a lightweight and compact, short-range radio modem, which operates on pan-European, licence exempt frequencies. For typical industrial plant installations this unique solution provides data transfer over hundreds of meters 'in-building' with greater distances achievable in external environments.

The Satelline-1870e is all of the above but with .05W

The SATEL I-LINK converter provides a pulse counter and two digital inputs, plus two digital outputs (with open relay contacts) and an alarm output. Status LEDs are linked to all six ports.

Choose from two complete packaged solutions

The Point-to-point package (two SATEL i-LINK converters plus two SATELLINE-1870 or 1870e radio modems) enables two-way exchange of switch-position information.

The Point-to-multipoint package (two SATEL i-LINK converters, three SATELLINE-1870 or 1870e radio modems plus the easy-to-use SATELLINK-PC control system software) allows both digital I/O and fast pulse counter data to be captured from multiple sub-stations.