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Although the housing to the modems is extremely rugged, it is not weatherproof and should be placed in an appropriate housing before being installed in the open air.

Below are some examples of housings available from XL, however, if you require a specialist housing please email us with the details and we will do our best to source it for you.

housing202H-WPm2, weather proof housing for SATELLINE-2ASc, 2ASxE, 3AS(d) and 3AS(d) 869 modems.
IP-classification for this housing is IP53


housing102H-WP, weather proof housing for SATELLINE2ASc, 2ASxE, 3AS(d) and 3AS(d) 869 modems. Material for this housing is polycarbonate and the IP-classification is IP43. DATA SHEET

H-WP-X2, similar weather proof housing than H-WP but for Epic modems.


Also available above weatherproof solid housing for epic without cooling fins and made to measure zones 1 and 2 explosion proof housings supplied (Cast aluminium, IP65 with ATEX certification and compliant to Exd 11B T5/6. See pictures below of one 373mm x 373mm x 230mm, however they can be supplied to a number of sizes)

eexd housing 1

eexd housing 2

eexd housing 3

eexd housing 4

eexd housing 5

eexd housing 6

eexd housing 7

25 January 2013