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Satel Radio modems are used on a world wide basis for many applications.  Download the Satel Solutions Catalogue

If it is not practical to lay a cable, then  Satel have the answer.  Now data communication becomes viable in previously unreachable circumstances. 

Whether over water, across roads or on moving objects, Satel radios make the whole installation process easier and more cost effective

XL Systems also provide all the associated housings and accessories, providing you, the customer, with a one stop shop



GPS with radio RTK Bridge
john deer

Download Applications Catalogue (3.8Mb)

Application Notes to View

These presentations are in pdf-format, you may need to download  Adobe® Reader®. in order to view.

 A robotruck fleet communicates through the SATELLINE (102,475 Kb)

GE Fanuc, Wonderware and Satel in the monitoring - controlling system (89,109 Kb)

Helsinki Bus System Description (Finnish & English) with Diagram in .zip format 11.02.04
(1809,44 Kb)

Leica GPS System500 total solution (164,051 Kb)

Positioning through DGPS and SATELLINE in container terminals (78,655 Kb)

Radio modems in asystem of heat distribution centres monitoring (179,831 Kb)

Radio monitoring of alarm signals (79,422 Kb)

Radio transmission of data within Krakow waterworks network (72,104 Kb)

Real-time passanger information (113,163 Kb)

SATELCODE/SATELNODE Equipment in Water and Sewerage Plant (84,425 Kb)

SATELLINE-3AS Epic in the municipal system of spatial information (88,293 Kb)

SATELLINE-3AS radio modem with Vaisala Automatic Weather Station (86,87 Kb)

SATELLINE enhances marine safety (78,02 Kb)

Wireless communication with radio modems shortens power downtime (94,169 Kb)

Wireless Data Networks for Wind Farms (131,217 Kb)


25 January 2013