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NARS Connectors =  Data  & Power Adaptors


3AS adaptor (D15 to D9 female) with comes with trailing lead on which customers own power connector can be put  and program switch. Used for programming 2ASxE 3AS(d) 3AS 869 3AS(d) and may also double as an interface cable


As NARS-1F with 4A fuse for use with the Epic range

NARS-1F-SC (yc0210)

As NARS 1F-4A with in line power adaptor in place of trailing lead with Power Adaptor for use with the Epic range


3AS Adaptor for RS422/485 D15 male to screw connectors 630 mA Fuse.  This is the simplest way to provide RS485/422 conections - see note below


As above, it is an adaptor for RS422/485 (D15 male to screw connectors) 4A fuse for Epic range only

NARS-ST (YC0240)

It is a 40cm cable which converts from the Lemo connector on an Epic pro twith ODU 8f pin connector o a D15 female connector with the identical pin-outs to a standard 3AS/Epic. I.e. you can directly replace a 3AS or standard Epic (using existing cabling) by substituting an Epic Pro with a NARS-ST

CRS Cables = Data Cables


Serial Interface cable for SATELLINE: 2ASc 2ASxE 3AS(d) 3AS 869 3AS(d) Epic with male connector


Serial Interface cable for SATELLINE: 2ASc 2ASxE 3AS(d) 3AS 869 3AS(d) Epic with female connector


Serial Interface cable for SATELLINE 2ASc, 2ASxE 3AS(d) & 3AS 869

CRS-9 (yc0201)

Data cable for  Epic, Epic Pro 10W ,35W, GFU14, 3ASD


Serial Interface cable for 1870


Interface cable for SATELLINE 1870 and SATEL I-Link100


Interface cable for SATELLINE radio modems and Time Slot Unit 0.5m or 2m


I-Link to Siemens PLC

Simatic S7software module forconnecting Satel I-Link 100/200/300 to a Siemens S7-300/400

RS-Link 100

(click here for wiring diagram) RS485/232 Converter for  1870

Canbus interface converter

Used to connect the Satel Modems to CanBus systems

H-WP Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram for weatherproof housing


The NARS2 adaptor is used to connect the SATELLINE 3AS radio modem to a balanced (or differential) RS422 or RS485 transmission line.

Balanced Transmission uses two lines on each signal and are more immune to induced noise than conventional RS232 so that longer cables can be used. However it must be noted that with longer cables differential transmission lines should be terminated to prevent reflections

RS422 interface used two signal pairs, one pair in TX and the other in RX

RS485 uses only one single pair and multiple devices can be connected to the same lines, in this case termination is necessary only at the first and last device

The NARS2 adaptor contains terminating resistors which can be set to on or off by the user


25 January 2013