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A family company, founded in 1990, XL specialize in SATEL Oy’s range of wireless data solutions for a multitude of applications.

Used in a multitude of applications, SATEL’s, rugged transceivers allow simple installation both point to point links as well as large radio data networks with repeater functionality as standard.  With their proven reliability and world wide approvals, they are the natural choice for your radio data transfer needs

The UHF version is Licence exempt within the UK at .5W and transmitting at 19.2k (genuine through the air speed), offering a plug and go solution where cabling is impossible impractical or just too expensive in both fixed and mobile applications both on and off shore.  Whilst the VHF version requires a licence, it offers increased range as well as the new NMS management software as standard.

For Systems Builders who need to embed the product, there is also a wide range of OEM units compatible with the 3AS system

SATEL have also released their SATELLINK product line to complement the radio modems, here you can add on IP convertors, pulse counters and analog inputs simply and quickly, and configure them using SATEL’s PC Pro software.

The  1915, is a 900 MHz frequency hopping, spread spectrum modem working at 1W.  Designed for the U.S market place along with a 35W Epic Pro, it offers a wealth of features.

The 3AS 869 and the 1870 offer a pan European option, although many countries have 400MHz approvals with and without licences. ALWAYS check local licensing regulations before ordering as this is the purchasers responsibility.

XL can supply a wide range of antenna, cables and housings etc. to provide a one stop shop for your radio data network requirements.

By using the navigation buttons on the left you can get an overview of the modem range, details on the products sold, view a presentation of the configuration options as well as a whole host of other information.

Whether your application is for 2 or 2000 units, we at XL Systems will help and advise you every step of the way, simply Email or call us on 01883 622778

Finally - What our Customers say about us!!

Hi Melissa,

Just a short note to thank you for the service and support we’ve had recently; I know we put a lot of pressure on you and XL Systems for best lead times and prices but in the current climate I’m sure you’re aware that we are under similar pressures of cost and delivery.

In the circumstances, the support we receive in terms of timely deliveries and the rapid response we get to technical queries is commendable and I hope is indicative of the good relationship that Oceantech has with XL Systems and reflect the quality of their association with their principals, Satel Oy.

A good product from a reliable manufacturer via an excellent distributor - well done Satel and XL Systems.


Great job!

I wish all of our suppliers would work at least 1/10 fast as you do :)

25 January 2013