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IP-LInk User Guide (V1.2)

IP Link Brochure


Key Features

Enables wireless TCP/IP data transferIPLINK02

IP router with two different IP-addresses

Based on Linux operating system

Remote configuration (Telnet or SSH Telnet)

Real time radio network statistics

Data compression over radio network

Radio network encryption (64-bit)

Integrated firewall

Used in conjunction with the SATELLINE 3AS


Wireless transfer of data – last mile TCP/IP

Industrial automation is increasingly being based on Ethernet and TCP/IP communication networks. Accordingly, the control PLCs are today more often equipped with Ethernet interfaces only. For wireless TCP/IP networks SATEL now introduces the IP-LINK IP Router.

The SATEL IP-LINK is a logical extension of the SATELLINK product group. Like the previous product, the I-LINK, it opens a great number of applications in the fields of wireless remote control, surveillance and data transfer.

Routing data over radio

The IP-LINK together with the SATELLINE radio modem facilitates wireless connections within or between Ethernet-based control and management systems. The IP-LINK converts the data packets transmitted on the Ethernet to a form acceptable to the radio modem, and vice versa.

The IP-LINK has two IP addresses: one for the Ethernet and one for the radio modem interface. Together with a user-configurable routing table this feature makes it possible to route the data packets as desired. The data on the radio modem network can be encrypted for enhanced security and compressed to achieve higher transfer rate.


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