Available for models 2ASxE, 3AS(d) and 3AS(d) 869 the 321 comes into its own using radio modems in the field. The radio modem fits inside the SATEL-321 casing. The compact battery package is splash-proof, and an additional weather-resistant box is no longer needed.

The total weight of the SATEL-321 package including the battery, charger and radio modem is only 1 kilogram.For easy carrying, the casing is equipped with a shoulder strap. The carrying and / or mounting of SATEL-321 can also be customised.

The radio modem enclosed in the SATEL-321 can be switched ON or OFF using either the SATEL-321 push buttons or through the 12-pin data connector. The 3ASd can also be configured by using the external programming push buttons.

Boot charging of the battery to full capacity takes 3 hours, to 90% level only 1 hour. Operation of the modem is possible also during charging. The SATEL-321 batteries can be charged from whatever power supply that provides 11 ... 30 Vdc voltage and minimum 60 W output power. XL supply a mainspowered charger that operates at 100 ... 240 Vac, and a charging cable for use in vehicles with 12 or 24 Vac power systems. When charging the batteries, the ambient temperature has to be between +5 ... +40

The operating time of the modem (typically 8 - 10 hours) allows even more time-consuming field jobs to be carried out without the need for recharging. The SATEL-321 casing has indicator lights for Power On (green), Charging (yellow) and Battery Low (red). Low battery charge level is also indicated by an audio signal. SATEL-321 comprises an adaptive capacity meter, for monitoring the battery condition. The user can see at any time the prevailing charge level of the battery, provided the display model
3ASd is used.

RS232 and RS485 versions available


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