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Meets strict European standards

The SATELLINE-2ASxE complies with the European Specification ETS 300 113. The user has a few available alternative channel spacings, 12.5 kHz and 20 kHz, or the 25 kHz channel spacing, depending on the model. The frequency band in use is the center frequency +/-1 MHz, which means that the number of possible radio channels with channel spacing 12.5/20 or 25 kHz is 160/100 or 80, respectively. The maximum data speed is 4800 bit/s with channel spacings 12.5 and 20 kHz, and 9600 bit/s with the 25 kHz channel spacing.

Ample selection of modes and functions

SATELLINE-2ASxE incorporates programmable software with a large number of functions and settings. The operating status of the radio modem is controlled through a table of parameters, which are conveniently set from a PC through an RS-232 interface. The radio modem operates usually in one of three operating modes: In the Data transfer mode it is used for either transmitting or receiving. The selection of functions and setting of the parameters is performed with the radio modem in the Programming mode. In the Test mode, the condition of a radio connection can be tested by means of data packets or the carrier wave.

Excellent coverage

The output power of the transmitter is 1.0 watts, and the sensitivity of the receiver -115 dBm, which gives an operating range of 2 to 40 kilometers, depending on local conditions as well as the gain and installation height of the antennas.

Special features

Using addresses

The radio modems included in a local area network can be given addresses, for the purpose of identification. Addresses, either the same or different, can be attached to both the transmitting (Tx) and receiving (Rx) module of the radio modem.

Repeater function

In case there is a need to extend the coverage of the radio modem network, the SATELLINE-2ASxE radio modem can be used as a repeater station. In the repeater function, it receives a data packet (max length 135 bytes) and transmits it immediately further.

Handshaking not necessary

The SATELLINE-2ASxE is capable of two-wire operation, which means that it can be used together with terminals which do not support any kind of handshaking, provided that the radio channel is free and the length of the data packet does not exceed 1 Kbytes. For maximum reliability, it is however recommended using the CTS handshaking where feasible.

Application domain

SATELLINE-2ASxE is primarily used for various local area data communications applications in industrial and urban environments. Thanks to its small size it can be easily mounted and integrated into fixed as well as mobile terminals. The RS-232 interface facilitates easy connection to the customers' terminals and systems.

Point to point

By means of two SATELLINE-2ASxE modems a connection between two points can be easily set up. SATELLINE-2ASxE is compatible with the Model SATELLINE-2ASxm2 radio modem