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The SATELLINE 1870 radio modem family is small and economical. Being compact and with a low output power consumption the SATELLINE-1870 is particularly well suited for internal applications within factories.

The SATELLINE-1870 uses the pan-European free 868 ... 870 MHz frequency band. This band is divided into sub-bands according to the output power and duty cycle allowed for the transmitter. When changing the frequency the user need not worry about the output power limitation; the modem automatically sets the output power according to the regulations. Because of the limited output power the communication distances are around 50 to 500 meters depending on surroundings (although by raising the antenna height, one customer has achieved 3Km!). By using repeater stations and addresses the range of the radio modem network can easily be extended.

SATELLINE-1870 is compatible with RS-232 interface. The modem can be connected to a terminal with a ribbon cable or by wiring a D9 connector. Like with the preceding models, assembling is performed with 2.5 mm screws, Velcro tape or the DIN-rail with a special installation kit. The settings of the SATELLINE-1870 radio modems can be modified by using Satels “SL” programming commands either in normal communication mode or through an external terminal in the programming mode. The software of the SATELLINE-1870 resides in a flash memory. The flash memory is easily programmable through a programming device