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XL Systems Ltd are now a Premier Distributor for all SATEL Products  in the UK

If you need to get data easily from A to B over a distance on or off shore without cables - we have the solution! Click on Options for product info

Now Launched!!  the SATEL XPRS - a long range, mission critical (with battery back up) private network that will link in to your existing legacy Satel, or cellular technology click here for more detail and to view the video

  • See Satel Modems in Action?!! they are now use in Audi’s autopilot driving system! click here
  • Variety of OEM products
  • Satel release new LP range of I/O serial units


  • EASily selectable wide tuning range (330-420 or 403-473 MHz) also 869 MHz 
  • EASily change channel Spacing (12.5,20 or 25 KHz)
  • EASily switch  compatibility mode (3AS/PCCTM/TrimtalkTM)
  • 1W and 23 & 35W versions available !!(35W (10,20,25 kHz) 25W (5,10,20,25 kHz))
  • AES Encryption

Port 2: RS-232 / RS-422 or LVTTL or TTL

Power Save Sleep function

0,24 W typical DTR: 0,005W ( SL-command controlled SL+S=1 ) 40Ms wakeup delay

Separate TX / RX frequencies

 FULLY Compatible with SATELLINE-3AS and 3AS Epic modems

EASier to keep stocks for your global customers

3D View

compact proof

Order yours NOW- it’s EASy!

 EASY Battery Pack Pro! 

A waterproof housing and/or battery pack for your 1W unit

IMPORTANT! Please remember that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the chosen radio frequency is clear and available for use, and that any required fees are paid and correct licences obtained.  Xl Systems Ltd. accepts no responsibility or liability for system failure or legal procedings either due to radio interference from a third party, or failure to comply to logal regulation

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